Frequently Asked Questions

Is it noisy near the airport?

We sometimes hear planes taking off if the wind is blowing from that direction. Perth International and Domestic Terminals are nowhere near as busy as Sydney or Melbourne, which means far less traffic. Infrequently, lighter planes and helicopters fly over Garvey Park in the day time.

Do we need to hire a car whilst staying at Aarn House?

No. We are on a major bus route into the City [approx 15 mins duration]. This is a cost saving of upward of $50 per day.

If we don't hire a car, how do we get to Restaurants from Aarn House?

Restaurants are a short bus/car ride away, dotted along the Great Eastern Highway. On the same bus route, you can go to the Restaurants at the Crown Casino (was Burswood) complex.

Whilst out sight-seeing, you can eat in Northbridge, Fremantle etc, and bring a light snack back for your evening meal, which you can heat in the microwave in the kitchenette. The possibilities are endless. Uber Eats and Deliveroo are also available in the area.

If we don't hire a car, how do we get to Major Tourist Attractions from Aarn House?

Bus 36 bus stop on the Great Eastern Highway [2 mins walk] will take you West, right to the Centre of Perth.

You can also get off at the Crown Casino [approx 10 mins duration] and pick up the Perth Tram [a wooden replica from c.1899] which has earned the reputation for conducting the best and most informative sightseeing Perth City Tours.

Bus 36 also takes you East to Historic Guildford Railway Station [approx 5 mins duration].

Historic Guildford is the antique and collectable's shopping delight. The Metro Rail goes West to the City Station [via the *East Perth Rail/Bus Depot] where you can explore the Historic and Modern City of Perth. The Metro Rail takes approximately 45 mins from Guildford to Fremantle [this is about the same time a car trip will take]. Major tour buses heading North to the Pinnacles etc., do pick-ups along the Great Eastern Highway.

*At the East Perth Rail/Bus Depot you can pick up buses heading South to Albany.

Where does the name Aarn House come from?

It's a made up name, to get our B&B higher up in an index or listing. Our beautiful Vrede would be way down on the list!

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One Italian just writes 'Belissimo'...!