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Faie To Free - The extraordinary spiritual and natural journey of this Fairbridge Charity 'child migrant' (Hilary Ann Boyce) to what was then known as Southern Rhodesia, in 1953.

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Faie To Free - an autobiography

“My soul knows well that all your creation is wonderful.
You formed my organs and knitted me together in utero.
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully created.
Your eyes saw my unformed substance; my bones were not hidden from You, when I was intricately woven.
The days that are alotted to me were written in your book before I was born.”
inspired by Psalm 139:13-16

This is Hilary’s spiritual journey, from disadvantaged beginnings in post war Britain, being sent away as a child migrant to Fairbridge in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and how it impacted her life from a disillusioned 7 year old, to near 70 years of age.

At times the journey is bewildering, frustrating, and agonising, but through it all a determinedly independent person emerges. Some refer to this mass evacuation of a post-war social problem as 'child trafficking'.

As a child, Hilary became aware that she was gifted with peculiar powers that went beyond the natural realm. Although she realised that they were from a dark source, which she tried hard to push to one side for fear of consequences, she did practice these dark arts in her own defence, which opened her up to the other world and the ability to see into it.

Possessing psychic abilities of knowing the unknown and unknowable and by not using intellectual reasoning alone, it helped her get behind the false facade of people she met along her journey. Reading their motives before they proved her right. She also used hypnotism to protect herself from physical harm, though this was a dark art she shied away from in fear and trembling; expecting a bolt from heaven itself.

The Lord Jesus set her free from her dark and unfortunate beginnings; the daughter of a psychic, who needed to develop a more powerful psychic skill to survive the bumps that impacted her own life. Her mother's second husband tried his utmost to rape Hilary, but through a series of chance and strategy she managed to avoid his desperate intentions.

Hilary takes a look at the signs of the times the modern church is living in, seeing obvious signs of approaching trouble ahead for those that will not follow popular eschatology and the same polytheism of Noah's day, that the Lord warned us about.

Hilary and her husband Jim of 50 years have travelled extensively and still hope to do more.

Forced migration

"It is difficult to understand why such a misguided policy (which ran from the 1930’s to the late 1960’s) was ever allowed to happen. But the fact is, that the British government were getting rid of a very costly social problem, unsustainable in a post world war 1&2 environment, and the migrant scheme almost invariably involved children from deprived or disadvantaged backgrounds."

A former child migrant to Australia, John R. Bricknell, sums it up in his dedication: 'I dedicate this book to all boys and girls who were "emigrated" to Australia from Great Britain. These boys and girls were not really part of the "Stolen Generation". They were in fact small groups representing "Unwanted Generations", which in my opinion is inestimably worse than being stolen, as at least the "Stolen Generation" hopefully was wanted' (Bricknell 2004).

Hilary is now living in Perth Western Australia